About Empire Granite, LLC.


The fabrication and installation of natural stones requires skilled craftmanship. The means by which stone is cut and polished can vary, affecting the end product. At Empire Granite, we only use high speed, water fed cutting and polishing tools with diamond blades and diamond-polishing pads for the truest shine and finish.


Each project brought to us is priced individually. By avoiding group pricing, we can give you the best possible price on your particular project. When visiting our showroom, we advise you bring a layout of the project. If customers wish to get an estimate before visiting us, the project layout can be faxed to us. Sorry for the inconvenience, we do not accept credit cards.

Template and Installation

A template is the process of measuring and/or building a replica of your countertop area for use in the fabrication process. In most instances, it is not necessary to remove existing countertops to complete a template. Templates are scheduled in accordance with your project. In the case of new construction or remodeling, we will work with you to schedule both the template and installation in advance of the cabinet installation to minimize the turn-around time from template to installation.

Care & Maintinence

At time of installation, the stone is sealed with a penetrating nontoxic stone sealer. Stone surfaces should only be cleaned with either mild dish detergent and water, or any other product that specifies that it is safe for cleaning stone surfaces. DO NOT use vinegar, lemon juice, or cleaners containing acid, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals such as bathroom, grout or tub and tile cleaners. Prolonged use of such products can result in permanent removal of the polish, which cannot be restored. Supplies for the care of your stone are available in our showroom.

Cleaning Products for Granite